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Better Bred Fish for Aquaculture

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Fishgen is developing and promoting high performing fish for aquaculture production. Fishgen already has a number of fast growing, all-male tilapia strains available worldwide.

Enter the Fishgen Site to learn more of Fishgen's improved tilapia

Fishgen Ltd. is a British company established in 1996 and based at the University of Wales Swansea (UWS). The company has the objective of commercializing and promoting   technologies and products developed under research programmes on genetic improvement of fish species for aquaculture worldwide. Its mandate is to promote these technologies and to generate income for funding further research. 

Fishgen is bringing to the market place the outputs of more than 20 years of active research in fish genetics, particularly with the freshwater tropical fish, the tilapia.  At present Fishgen’s main product is “supermale” broodstock for the production of monosex male tilapia known as Genetically Male Tilapia (GMT«). GMT« address the problem of early sexual maturation, poor growth of females and unwanted reproduction that plagues the culture of normal, mixed-sex tilapia, significantly enhancing yields from aquaculture production.

GMT« has grown out of the research carried out by scientists at the University of Wales Swansea (UWS) and its collaborators, including the Freshwater Aquaculture Center (FAC) of Central Luzon State University (CLSU), in the Philippines. The majority of this research has been carried out under funding from the British Department for International Development - DFID's  Fish Genetics Programme managed by UWS (1990 - 2001).


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